Turn Your Kids’ Birthday Party Idea Into An Epic Drive-In Movie Experience

Parents – It’s time for a great new birthday party idea!

It’s pretty much a given that as your kids get older their circle of ‘friends’ tends to grow likewise.

In the early days, birthday parties were a fairly simple matter of a good Disney movie on the TV, a nice cake, and some toys to pass around. After all, how hard was it to entertain 4-5 toddlers for an hour or two?

But now they’re in school, in dance, on the baseball team or even all three, and as the next party comes up you’ve begun to realize just how many ‘friends’ your very social offspring have acquired. Suddenly, last year’s ‘sitting on the couch and watching The Little Mermaid’ party seems like less and less of an option. After all, do you really want to buy a couch that can seat twenty or more? Probably not. And just think of all that popcorn on the floor.

Fortunately, there is a far better birthday party idea options than trying to squeeze all those little bodies onto your poor, tired furniture.

Drive-in Movie Party

Don’t worry about the logistics. With a little creativity, some cardboard boxes, and a call to Ultimate Outdoor Movies, you can turn your backyard or the corner park into a drive-in movie for the birthday party!

Ultimate Outdoor Movies has exactly what you need for an epic home movie experience. We will deliver the show right to you. We’ll supply the DVD or Blu Ray player, the outdoor projector, the sound system, and the giant screen to enjoy it all on. We’ll even set it all up and take it all down when the movie is over. Regardless of how many of their ‘besties’ your birthday beasties want to invite, we are ready to accommodate. Our outdoor, inflatable movie screens are available in several sizes from ‘This is the best party ever, Daddy!’ to ‘Dad, I think the whole neighborhood is here!’

By mixing the fun building experience of making their own cars with the excitement of an epic-sized, outdoor movie, you’ll create not just a birthday party for your kids but a memory for everyone involved.

Get your party started by taking a look at our Backyard Party Rental Package.

You want them to have a good time for their birthday. Why not plan for the best birthday party movie night ever? Give your kids an epic experience to remember, a drive-in movie in their own yard, and save your couch for the family.

Check out all the ways you can plan your next outdoor movie night with our giant inflatable movie screens.

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