Saving Money and Time on Outdoor Movies at Your Party

“Mom, can we have a movie at our party?” My kids ask this all the time. This doesn’t ever mean they want to stay indoors and watch the TV. They want a movie by the pool on the giant inflatable screen I rent from a company called Ultimate Outdoor Movies. As often as my kids ask this, I’ve had to learn tricks for getting my hands on one of these for prices that won’t break the bank.

Making The Choice

The first thing I think about when I want to use an outdoor screen at my party is just how big of a party I’m throwing. If I am just entertaining the kids and their friends for something like good grades, I will focus on savings. This is where the folks at Ultimate Outdoor Movies really shine because they offer a backyard package with a 12 ft screen for just a few viewers. This allows me to throw these kinds of small parties for my kids more often.

The other type of party I throw less often is a large family reunion-style get together. For these, we rent a public park and go for a much more significant screen with all of the extras. Buying my popcorn and refreshments from Ultimate Outdoor Movies allows me to save time and money. Another tip I learned from the blog at the website Money Crashers is to focus my spending on the one thing that is most important to me (the screen and sound equipment rental) and take it easy on some of the other elements. I send out free e-card invitations over the internet and use my Spotify account to stream music. These savings mean I can splurge on other things. For more information on outdoor movie rental ideas, visit the website of my friends at Ultimate Outdoor Movies.

What I Get For My Money

When the party is finally underway, the value of what I’ve bought really hits home. The guys come out to my house, or the park, and run the full setup and teardown process for me. This means I don’t have to think about the entertainment at all. They also bring plenty of sound equipment and a projector that makes the movie look just like a professional theatre. The scalability allows me to choose the services I think are worth my money.

The best part of it all is hearing the funny sound my kids make when I tell them we can have a poolside movie party. With the help of a giant movie screen and some professional management, I can not only make my kids happy but impress my family and friends with my party-throwing skills. That, plus the budget-friendly scalability makes it all worth it.

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