Show an Outdoor Movie With Your Sorority or Fraternity!

Sororities and fraternities are often looking to plan exciting fall and back-to-school events that challenge the stereotypes surrounding Greek life. Outdoor Movie nights are a great idea for Welcome Week, new member parties or just outdoor get-togethers with brothers and sisters.  If you want to plan a new and exciting event that sets your group apart from the others, one fun option is to have an outdoor movie screening, drive-in style! There are endless movie options to choose from. Who could pass up an opportunity to experience an old-fashioned drive-in movie?

Build Community 

Hosting an outdoor movie event can build community. It can easily be turned into a fundraising event for a cause your sorority or fraternity feels passionate about. These can be finding solutions for homelessness or raising money for education and research for children with cancer.

Putting on such an event can improve leadership and planning skills. It’s also a great opportunity to recruit potential new members. Putting on such an event also helps your fraternity or sorority grow closer together. You will be working together to make the event a success!

Change Perceptions

Community members and neighbors, especially those who are not members of the sorority or fraternity, can be invited to the event to form stronger ties to the community and the student body of the university. Getting to know your organization through community events such as an outdoor movie can help to change common perceptions of sororities and fraternities, and it can be a great networking event for your organization.

You can even host a tailgate event in conjunction with the drive-in movie, and plan community activities for your guests, such as face painting for kids or a chili contest. This will help solidify your place in the community and build your reputation as community leaders with the university.

You can also host a tailgate party with live television coverage of your college football team when they are playing an away game to show your school spirit!

For more information on how to put on an outdoor movie or television event, contact us. We offer screens for any event and have all the equipment needed for an exciting drive-in movie experience!

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