Planning An Unforgettable Wedding Reception- Tip #4: A Photo Booth

Don’t just hire a photographer, rent a photo booth!  Your friends at Ultimate Outdoor Movies and Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

It goes without saying that you’ll want any number of photographs for your wedding. These will be memories to be preserved forever, after all. The ceremony, the bridesmaids, the cake, the dress… Standard practice is to hire a photographer. That will probably be fine for the nice, scripted ceremony but what about during the reception? A photographer is bound to miss out on capturing some of your guests; he can only be in one place at a time and receptions can get pretty crazy. You’ll want to be sure and get pictures of everyone and chasing them all down really isn’t an option.

Photo Booth

Placing a photo booth at the reception will ensure every guest can show their support for the happy couple. There is a photo strip for them to take home and a copy that will go into a digital album for you.

In fact, your guests may be having such a blast with your photo booth you won’t need to ask them to get their pictures taken!

A photo booth is more than just another way to be sure you get all the pictures you want. It’s also a lot of fun! You can get all kinds of photo booth add-ons for your event. Personalized props like mustaches or pirate hats to fit your theme, hashtag printing, and social media sharing. There is also themed backdrops, personalized photo strips for each guest to take home, and even a digital Photo Booth scrapbook for them all to sign! If you contact Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment for one of their Flixxr and get one of their Signature Packages, they’ll turn it into an actual scrapbook to hold onto!  Best of all, by hiring a professional provider you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the reception, knowing that this potential headache, at least, has been taken care of.

A photo booth is a simple way to get your pictures taken, share fun photo strips and stored online for easy retrieval after the big event. They can even be shared on social media without any hassle for the bride and groom. It also doubles as a really fun attraction for your guests. This is a win-win addition for any wedding reception.

Check out this link for more detailed information about photo booth packages and how they can ramp up your wedding reception.

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