5 Creative Inflatable Movie Screen Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party that requires some outdoor entertainment, but not sure where to start? Ultimate Outdoor Movies has inflatable movie screens that are a great addition to any party. Here are 5 creative birthday party ideas to help you plan an unforgettable night for kids of all ages!

Drive-in Movie Theater 

This is a fun idea for kids that love race cars and have a need for speed! We offer inflatable screens of all sizes, so we can accommodate any crowd. A fun idea for this birthday party is to have the kids create race cars out of cardboard boxes and then park them in front of the big screen. Picture it. Rows of little cardboard box cars parked drive-in style in front of the big screen. You can offer drive-in snacks like hot dogs, nachos, and candy! What better movie to show than Disney’s Cars or The Fast and the Furious?

A Day at the Pool

Pool parties are a blast, but they can be even better with a big screen! Have the kids grab pool tubes and float in the pool while they watch their favorite movie. This is a unique movie night for sure and if you buy pool floats with cup holders, they will give the kids a chance to lay back and relax while they watch their favorite movie in style. If you want to keep the water theme you can play Finding NemoFinding Dory, or even Jaws if the kids are feeling brave.

Sing-Along Party

If you have kids that are natural born performers, then a sing-along party is perfect. There are a lot of possibilities with this theme because you can hook up a karaoke machine to our inflatable screens and make karaoke night bigger and better. If you want to do the sing-along party, but don’t want to get a karaoke machine, you can always play a movie that includes a sing-along version. Some popular movies that do this are High School MusicalGrease, and of course, Frozen.

Superhero Costume Party  

Whether your child loves DC or Marvel, they will love a superhero theme costume party! It gives them an opportunity to dress up as their favorite superhero and hang out with all of their friends. There are so many superhero movies out there to choose from like The AvengersThe Incredibles, or Batman v. Superman! When planning these parties, don’t forget to include movie extras like popcorn!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This theme is perfect for older kids because the big screen will offer a great platform to display a video montage of photos and videos of the birthday boy or girl. If your son or daughter is celebrating their sweet 16, this memory lane theme is a great choice for their party. A great idea is to create a slideshow of memories using photos, videos, and their favorite music to show party guests and celebrate highlights of their life. This is a great idea for kids of any age, even those celebrating a milestone birthday!

Once you choose the birthday party theme, it’s time to choose the size of your inflatable movie screen. This will depend on your guest list. If you expect a small crowd of fewer than 75 people we recommend the backyard movie screen, but if you’re expecting a huge turnout of up to 1,000 guests then our epic movie screen will do the trick! We have these screen sizes and tons in between to accommodate any party. If you want some more movie event party ideas, we have plenty of inspiration. Feel free to contact us today for all of your inflatable movie screen rental needs!

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