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It’s fall! For many workplaces that means it’s budgeting season. In schools, cities, counties and community centers across the country, event planners are seeking new ways to bring people together and have fun. Outdoor entertainment is a great option for all ages. You can show an outdoor movie or live event and watch neighbors become friends. Here are some helpful hints for preparing for your gathering.

Imagining the Event

The first step in the budgeting process is figuring out your audience. Is the whole town invited? Or is this for a smaller group, like students? Once you know who your attendees will be, estimate how many people may come. This is necessary for picking your venue – park, neighborhood pool, or backyard you have to make sure there will be enough room. Parks, lots, arenas and pools are all common backdrops. Take into account what your main attraction will be. Popular movies and big sporting events are appropriate for a wide swath of people and may draw large crowds. Your budget should include money for venue rental fees, seating and concessions.

Getting Equipment

Now that you know what your event is all about, you must determine what equipment you need. Several pieces are required for an outdoor movie. You will need a screen, projector, media player and audio package. If you plan multiple events during the year, it may be better to buy than to rent. You will save money in the long run. There are a number of options available when it comes to screens.  Like just about anything else, there are consumer grade and professional grade components available.  Inflatable movie screens come in all shapes and sizes, and are a sizable investment so you will want to choose carefully.  Consider where you will store your new movie equipment, who will set it up each time and how will you transport it each night.  Framed movie screens are a great option for indoor spaces or even smaller venues.  When you make your purchase, make sure it comes with a warranty and customer support. Electronics have a much shorter life when exposed to elements, moving them around, etc. so make sure you buy quality equipment that will last, or you will be constantly replacing dvd players, projector bulbs, speakers and cable.  If you decide to rent instead, check to see if your provider has sufficient references and insurance.  Ultimate Outdoor Movies has been in business since 2008 and has thousands of successful events as a references.

Finding the Funds

You should know well in advance how to finance your event. One way to cover costs is to have an entry fee of some kind. If you would rather have a free event, contact local businesses and see if they are willing to act as sponsors for your outdoor theater event. They may be especially eager to help if it is a fundraising event where they can help draw attention to a good cause. In that case, take this opportunity to make giving fun with activities like raffles and auctions. You can at once improve your community and make your movie night even more memorable.

Whether you plan to buy or rent, budget now for your outdoor movie series. Contact Ultimate Outdoor Movies today to get a quote for outdoor movie screen rental services, outdoor projector rentals, audio rentals and much more.  Ask about our multi-event discounts if your organization plans on showing more than one movie each season.

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