A Unique Back-To-School Fundraiser: Outdoor Movie Night

When the leaves and temperatures both start to drop, it’s back to school time and that means fundraisers. This year, why not make money doing something memorable and fun? Instead of another catalog, your school can host an amazing Outdoor Movie Night that can become a yearly tradition that everyone looks forward to.

This is a hassle-free fundraiser that is sure to impress. Imagine the oohs and aahs when the kids see their favorite film on the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Screen with big, pro audio sound. No one at your organization needs any technical know-how either since a friendly technician is included with the screen rental who runs the whole night for you. The school can make money in several different ways.

Sell admission tickets.

You can immediately make money for your school by charging a small fee for advance tickets. Send an eye-catching flyer home with details of the event and how to buy tickets. Let people know the date, and to bring blankets, pillows, and bug spray. If room allows, also plan to sell tickets at the door.

Pick up some back to school movie related decorations.

Put the kids to work creating a festive ticket booth for the event out of a large refrigerator box. Pick up authentic-looking popcorn boxes at the dollar store, where you can also find red plastic tablecloths to make a faux red carpet.

Sell popcorn and other treats. 

Call in your bakers and popcorn makers! The treat table is the place your school can really make some cash at this fundraiser. Go for goodies you’d see at the theater to make for a truly authentic experience, and don’t forget to have plenty of water and other drinks available for purchase.

An Outdoor Movie Night is a back-to-school fundraiser your students won’t soon forget. Check here to find out how to get started on this fabulous fundraising idea!

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