Church Fundraiser with Ultimate Outdoor Movies

Take advantage of the warm nights while they last – organize a church fundraiser with Ultimate Outdoor Movies.

Church Fundraiser

You can use your church grounds to host an unforgettable evening. It will bring a sense of joy and life to your faith community. As the family-friendly film of your choice creates a welcoming backdrop to this community event, children will enjoy playing in the open air, as grown-ups take advantage of the time to catch up and connect with each other.


Members of your congregation will enjoy being involved in every step of the process. Invest the entire church community in the creation of this event. Introduce the church fundraiser and select a theme which relates to the movie you will be showing. Food, decorations, and flyers advertising the event can all feature this theme. It can relate to a central message that your church would like to give to the community.


Volunteers can sell food and drinks, donated by church members or purchased in bulk. Popcorn is always a hit – check out some flavored popcorn ideas to add some pizzazz. Be sure to have plenty of drink buckets and ice so the members of the community can stay hydrated with bottles of water or enjoy cans of soda and other beverages.

Before the show starts, volunteer musicians can serenade the guests with music relating to the movie. Children will enjoy the opportunity to create decorations and/or wear costumes relating to the theme. If you have enough space, you may also wish to raise extra funds. You can do this through game or activity booths, where members of the community can donate their time, skills and talents.

Ultimate Outdoor Movies also offers large indoor screens. If your church wishes to host a movie event inside, explore our variety of options today!

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