Coming Soon to a Backyard Near You: Bring Back the Drive-In Movie

Nostalgic images of the drive-in movie theater abound, but new technologies have collided with retro memories. This brings you modern-day options for bringing back this great form of entertainment. With the use of an inflatable movie screen and an outdoor projector, you can turn almost any space into a drive-in. You can also choose the size to fit your needs whether you’re getting together a small group of friends or hosting a fundraiser.

Backyard Drive-In

Perfect for kids’ birthday parties, a backyard drive-in can be an excellent way to celebrate. Kids can decorate their own “cars” by painting cardboard boxes. The “concession stand” can be packed with candy and popcorn. The Backyard Screen package comes with two-and-a-half hours of rental time for equipment that meets the needs of up to 75 viewers. Also included is everything you need to bring your event to life.

Golf Cart Drive-In

If you are imagining something a little bigger, consider an event hosted at your local golf course. Participants can drive in their golf carts to the event. This can be an excellent space to bring together a large group. Our Epic Screen package can comfortably screen for up to 1000 guests.

Fundraising Events

Many groups use a drive-in movie as a fundraising event. Student groups and corporations raising funds for benefits often use the parking lots of malls, sports teams, or universities to bring together huge groups. Our Xtreme Plus package allows you to have hundreds of cars to view the film in style. We even include the FM transmitters to send the sound directly through the car speakers.

If you are looking for other ways to bring your event to life with a big screen film experience, look no further than our events page, which is filled with suggestions. Whether you’re just bringing your favorite film to life for a few friends at a BBQ or entertaining an entire town, we have the equipment, experience, and customer service to bring the drive-in back!

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