End of School Year Movie Party!

It’s springtime, and just as the trees are coming back to life and the days are getting longer. Kids are bustling with the excitement of summer approaching. Why not host an end of school year movie party that can bring a large crowd together in celebration. Here are some excellent ways to tie up the end of the school year.

Prom Night Lock-In Movie Party

Prom is an exciting time full of sparkly dresses, memory making, and dancing. Once the official gala is over, teens need some place to go to keep the party alive. Make prom night safer with a lock-in that channels that energy into a fun event. An action flick or a classic teen rom-com could help set the mood and let everyone end their night safely without shutting the party down.

Plan some activities before and after the movie. Make sure to have lots of comfortable seating options since some of these partiers will likely be getting pretty sleepy by the end of the lock-in . . . even if they don’t want to admit it.

Spring Bash “Drive” In

The end of the school year isn’t just a fun time for graduates and prom-goers. Kids of every age are getting excited about seeing all their hard work pay off and getting some much-needed break time. Help mark the end of the season with a spring bash. It brings the kids together for snacks, laughs, and fun. With so many crowd-pleasing, high-quality animated flicks to choose from these days, there are plenty of movies that would thrill a mixed-age group.

Mimic the drive-in experience without the cars by having an end of school year movie party. Have guests bring their old quilts and picnic blankets and set up on the lawn. You can even set up a concession stand to serve snow cones and popcorn. This is a great way to bring the neighborhood together. It also helps kids solidify their friendships across grade levels as they move into summer. It also gives parents a chance to meet each other and set up some summer plans to keep the friendships going strong until next school year.

Take advantage of the mild spring weather and the overall sense of excitement and possibility in the air by planning your outdoor movie experience today!

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