Swim Right Up: Outdoor Movie Fun for Your Residents

Imagine living in a well-appointed apartment surrounded by beautiful landscaping and luxurious amenities but feeling a little lonely. You see your neighbors now and then and they seem friendly, but you barely know their names. What’s missing? A strong sense of community! Savvy property managers can help their residents feel more connected by hosting some community events, and Ultimate Outdoor Movies has a great one to start with: an LED Dive-In Movie for some outdoor movie fun.

In some ways, apartment living is better than ever. ApartmentSearch.com reports that luxury amenities are likely to become more common, and some communities already offer technological advancements like Alexa to make life at home easier. One of the downsides to increased technology is decreased community involvement. People spend more time online and less time together in person.

Apartment Community Event

That’s where engaging community events come in. A classic way to bring residents together is with neighborhood outdoor movie fun. Since many apartments and condominium complexes have pools, Ultimate Outdoor Movies can take these events to a new level. They do this with their LED Dive-In Movie concept. You read that right: a dive-in movie uses reverse projection and a screen set up on the side of the pool, along with cool underwater LED lights to make your next event a smashing success!

To make this event a success, Ultimate Outdoor Movies offers different screen sizes to fit any audience size and budget. In addition, they provide high definition projection along with a Blu-ray/DVD player, amplified audio system, and a mixer with a microphone for any announcements. Plus, a technician will set up beforehand, make sure everything goes smoothly during the movie, and break down the equipment at the end of the event. Kids in the community will want to enjoy the outdoor movie fun, too. Try adding our glow necklace package for them to enjoy!

Don’t have a pool? No problem! Ultimate Outdoor Movies has some other great apartment event ideas centered around our big screen projector rentals. An indoor movie night in your community center, a rooftop outdoor movie night or get everyone out for their favorite NFL or college football game. And, if your area has noise restrictions, their Silent Cinema package may be right for you.

Hosting an ultimate outdoor movie can help with resident retention, and it can make your property more attractive to prospective residents, too. Since summer is approaching fast, start planning your LED Dive-In Movie event today!

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