Unique LED Dive In Movie Night for Apartment Complexes

Oftentimes, tenants in condos or apartment complexes do not know each other because life has them constantly on the move with no time for a meet and greet. Why not organize a movie night for the apartment complex that will bring everyone together for some fun and strengthen that sense of community? Most apartments have a community pool for the entire complex, so what better place to host the event! The screen is set up on the side of the pool with rear projection. We call it a Dive-In movie night for the apartment, but we’ve taken it to the next level by incorporating lights to create an LED Dive In. There are a lot of different things you can do to throw an LED Dive in Movie Night, so we’re going to give you a few ideas to make it a success!

Get the Word Out!

It’s important to get the word out early because you want a great turnout. The more people show up to the movie night at the apartment the more likely they are to strike up a conversation and get to know each other. Social media is a great way to start. Make an event on the apartment’s Facebook page and send an invitation to each of your tenants. Another idea is to create posters and hang them up on the complex’s bulletin board. You can also slide a personal invitation under each tenant’s door. This may be time-consuming, but it guarantees that each and every one of your tenants will know about the event. There are a lot of free templates online to make these poster invitations, so you can choose the one that suits your style.

Raffle off Awesome Prizes

Sometimes it’s difficult to gather the whole complex because of everyone’s busy schedules, but something that brings a lot of people around is a good incentive. Raffling off cool prizes, for example, is always a great idea because everyone loves giveaways. You can raffle off movie vouchers, toys for the younger kids in the complex, appliances for the adults, and so much more.

Pick the Movie

Picking the movie can determine the theme of the whole party. If your complex consists of mostly children it might be a good idea to play a kid-friendly movie like Moana, Finding Nemo, or another water-based movie to play into the dive in movie theme. If you want to host a movie night for the older kids, consider playing Jaws or maybe even Freddy vs Jason. These are scarier water movies, but that suspense on the water might draw in an adventurous crowd. Screen size can be determined based on the number of guests that will be attending. If it is a small community pool with up to 75 guests, our backyard screen is a great size. We also have larger screen sizes for bigger groups like our Xtreme screen size which is great for up to 5,000 guests. If your complex has noise restrictions, we also offer a silent cinema package.

Order the Food

Food is another great incentive for pool parties. The possibilities here are endless, so if you need to narrow it down a bit, Food & Wine has some great pool party snack ideas. Popcorn is always an easy choice for a movie night and we can help you with that. Whatever you choose, make sure to remind your guests not to swim for about 30 minutes after they eat.

Light it Up!

The best part of an LED Dive in movie is the incorporation of lights. This will add another layer of fun to the party. Glow sticks can be a great, cheap decoration and souvenir for your guests. They can be thrown in the pool to add some color to the party. You can also give out glow necklaces so that each guest will leave with a gift. Party City has everything glow you could ever need. Pool noodles are also affordable and they can be used to make the pool glow by making pool luminaries. These are only a few of the many things you can do to really make your party glow!

Your Ultimate Outdoor Movie package includes the screen rental package with screen sizes to fit any budget and any audience size, High Definition projection, a DVD player, speakers, a mixer with microphone for announcements, a 2.5 hour rental, and a professional technician that setups and stays at the event to make sure it is perfect and then breaks everything down at the end of the night. Ultimate Outdoor Movies has everything you need to make your dive in movie night a major success. If you need any help or some tips, feel free to contact us because we are here to help!

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