Make Meeting Your Neighbors as Easy as Watching Outdoor Movies

If you’re like a lot of people who live in urban apartment communities, you might not know your neighbors very well. It’s not uncommon for buildings to turn over by as much as 50% every couple of years so you miss out on all the fun and practical benefits of making friends with the people who live next door to you. Even if you wanted to turn things around, you don’t know where to start. And, you don’t have much time on top of a full time job and other responsibilities. It’s not like getting to know your neighbors is as easy as watching a movie.

Oh wait, now it is.

With the LED Dive In Movie package from Ultimate Outdoor Movies, it’s simple to plan a movie night where people can mingle. Even if your building has tried other social activities without much success, this is better:

Meeting Neighbors is Easy

Do you feel a little guilty when you see flyers for potluck dinners and other events put up by individual residents or the building manager? You’d like to support the cause, but you don’t want to buy an expensive party platter or spend hours preparing a big dish. With our movie nights, all you do is provide the film and an electric outlet.

It’s Scalable

It can be scary to organize an event if you’re worried about how many people will show up. With a movie night you can make a success out of any size group. While the Dive In package is designed to be poolside, you can also show a movie on your rooftop or in your community room.

It Could be a Series

Don’t like the pressure of coming up with new apartment event ideas for getting together? Everyone loves a series, especially when you’re showing popular outdoor movies.

If you want neighbors who will invite you to their parties and watch your cat when you go away for the weekend, start planning your own LED Dive In Movie night. Contact us for more information or ask your building management to do it.

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