Throw the Ultimate Outdoor Party for Your Kid’s Birthday

For a child, there aren’t too many moments that can top a phenomenal birthday. You probably remember counting down the days to your big day when you were a kid, so you know the excitement that your little one is feeling as their birthday approaches. As a parent, though, you can get overwhelmed while trying to make each birthday more special than the last. Birthday parties become harder to plan as the years go by. Sure, you’ve probably thrown some great bashes, but now you’re running out of ideas. You don’t want to repeat parties you’ve done in previous years, but what’s left? How do you create a party full of that ‘wow factor’ that kids so desperately hope for? How do you make their big day as magical as they’ve dreamed it will be in their minds?

To throw a party that lives up to your kid’s expectations you really only need two things; something everyone loves and will have fun doing and something memorable. If you do it right, an outdoor movie or game night can possess both of those qualities.

Movie Night

An indoor movie night can get really boring really fast. There’s no room for the kid’s to run around during slow scenes and nothing else to hold their attention when their mind starts to wander. Staring at a TV while wearing party hats doesn’t seem much different than sitting in their own home watching a movie with their family. That’s not really much of a party. You want your movie night party to be a complete experience, and the best way to do that is to go big. Really big. To host an outdoor movie night that will be talked about for weeks and months to come start with a screen that can entertain up to 75 guests, has high definition projection, and concert-grade speakers. This turns an ordinary outdoor movie night into something that rivals a movie theater, only your party will be superior because it’s outdoors. Kids love to run around and scream, but they can’t do that in a movie theater. They can, however, do that and more in your backyard. Plus, what kid doesn’t love sitting in a bean bag chair or laying on piles of blankets while they watch the movie dressed in pajamas or dressed up as characters from the movie? It’s easy to arrange all of that when the party is happening in your very own backyard. Amp the excitement up even more with movie snacks. Along with providing amazing movie screens, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment offers an extra popcorn bundle. They’ll prepare movie theater style popcorn fresh on-site so the kids can experience every aspect of a true movie night experience.

Video Game Party

Maybe your child isn’t that into movies. No problem. You can still have an amazing outdoor party with a screen large enough to impress all your kid’s guests. Simply change the theme a little bit. Instead of using the screen for a movie night, use it for an ultimate video gaming party. Let the kids take turns battling it out as they compete to see who will be the ultimate video game champion. You can make it more fun for them by offering medals, ribbons, or trophies for the finalists, and don’t forget to give out a few small prizes along the way for best sportsmanship, most encouraging, or most likely to laugh while playing so that everyone goes home a winner. While the other kids aren’t playing on the big screen they can watch the competition or play side games you have set up around the yard. Provide small game stations around the yard that entertain the kids with ring-toss or giant tic-tac-toe games as well as water balloons or slip and slide, or create a full-on obstacle course. The possibilities are endless.

Make your kid’s upcoming birthday one that will surpass their wildest expectations by transforming your backyard into the ultimate party zone. At Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment, you’ll find affordable outdoor screen packages that make planning the ultimate party easier than you could have ever imagined.

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