Inflatable Screen Rentals Popular For Advertising

Inflatable movie screen rentals are more popular than ever for advertising purposes. Many companies see the advantages of short-term inflatable screen rentals for events of various sizes to get their messages out to different types of consumers. Sporting event venues and music concerts venues use strategically placed small television screens to advertise to ticket holders to steer them to find the venue-approved food and beverage concessions and the venue-approved merchandise.

To advertise outside a venue, and to compete with the advertisers that dominate the market inside a venue, a company must find innovative and eye-catching solutions to reach consumers driven to look at screens, and the larger the screen the better for the potential to reach more consumers.

In the past, advertisers set up tables with large banners to promote and sell products relevant to the event’s audience at a venue. People walking by the table see the sign, and with the advertising staff’s help, perhaps sign up for a raffle contest or another promotion, while sampling, and hopefully purchasing the product. However, there is no entertainment value of this common marketing tactic–only information and persuasion. Most people walk away after politely rejecting personal and confrontational sales techniques. People attending sports and music events have actually learned to avoid the marketing tables at the venues and now seek entertainment on the way to see the entertainment they have a ticket to see.

If planning to advertise outside a venue with a ticketed event, your audience are the groups of people walking from the parking lots to the venue’s entrance gates. They want to see the show. Strategically placing advertising like signs and sales tables along this path is a great idea. But a better idea is to put on a show before the show.  An inflatable movie screen attracts more people than a banner and a table, and a screen entertains an audience, while informing them about the product and persuading them to buy it.

Ultimate Outdoor Movies has many large sizes of inflatable weather-proof screen available to rent for any size event. Six sizes from 10 feet to 75 feet allows your company to adjust the size of the advertising messaging appropriately to the size of the crowd or to a venue’s rules and regulations. A crowd will gather around the large screen to see your company’s show. Even people who do not wish to stop and gather cannot avoid seeing such a large screen and the messages that appear upon it as they walk by.

People waiting in long security lines to get into events appreciate entertainment as they wait. Some will stop and gather around the screen to wait for long lines to shorten. So either way, your inflatable screen gets attention from those holding tickets to the main event.

Sometimes sports events or music concerts face delay due to passing inclement weather and the audience are kept out of the stadium or amphitheater for safety reasons. People walking back to their vehicles appreciate weather-proof entertainment that keeps playing. When ticketed events face cancellation, the audience who came still sees your advertising.

Ultimate Outdoor Movies provides all the advanced technology to run your advertising films. Top-of-the-line projectors and speakers communicate your messages at the right speed and volume to directly target large audiences walking around a sports or music venue.

Ultimate Outdoor Movies expert event staff professionally sets up the inflatable screen and equipment for the best possible image for your company. Our projection crew  repeatedly runs your advertising films through the event consistently checking for technical issues and scanning for audience satisfaction. Our professional staff then stays to take down the equipment after the event concludes. Ultimate Outdoor Movies makes advertising at large venues convenient and fun.

To get more information about our outdoor movie screen rentals for your next event, contact your nearest Ultimate Outdoor Movies office www.Ultimate Outdoor

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