Homeowners’ Associations Love Inflatable Screen Rentals


Homeowners’ associations or HOA’s love the fun and convenience that inflatable movie screen rentals provide for their community events. HOA’s generally schedule at least two or three events to engage their communities during the spring, summer, and fall months. Neighborhood Movie Nights are popular for entertainment and advertising value, and HOA’s like how easy and budget-friendly they are to present. HOA’s find that community programming helps residents maintain and improve their properties, helps to reduce crime, and helps to create a neighborly environment where people talk to each other and where the children play.

Playing a family friendly movie in the neighborhood park brings the children out to swing and slide while parents set up their picnic fareand talk with the adult neighbors. Future babysitters and lawnmowers are found on neighborhood movie nights. Neighbor boys meet and talk with the girls that live next door on neighborhood movie nights. Business transactions between neighbors happen on neighborhood movie nights. Great forever friends meet on neighborhood movie nights. Families enjoy seasonal entertainment in the park and will pay higher homeowners’ association dues for these types of events that bring the community together in a safe environment. Your event requires no extra parking, as neighbors meet, talk, and walk to the park with wagons, coolers, and strollers in tow.

Residents keep lawns and landscapes greener and better looking due to HOA engagement with the community. Residents maintain their houses properly and in a timely manner when issues arise. Neighbors talk and judge each other on property aesthetics reducing the need for HOA involvement. The HOA can communicate the community’s rules, regulations, and potential violations in a friendly and personable manner and thank the neighborhood for collective compliance with rewards like neighborhood movie nights and unite the people and property management in a common goal of beautifying and bringing together the community.

HOA’s love the six sizes of large inflatable movie screens available through Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Outdoor Movies, and the wonderful service that this community friendly company provides. An inflatable movie screen from 10 feet wide to 75 feet wide will show a movie on a weather-proof reflective surface large enough to accommodate any size neighborhood or park size. Friendly staff will assist your event coordinator in planning your HOA events and discuss your equipment rental needs.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment‘s advanced technology will impress any audience. From projectors to speakers, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment has sight and sound covered. The professionally trained Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment event staff will inflate the screen and set up projection equipment and speakers before an event begins. Then projection crew will run your chosen family friendly film carefully considering volume for maximum audience enjoyment. When the movie ends, your HOA advertising film on the value of a beautiful and engaged community shows while neighbors mingle and leave the park. While residents discuss their wonderful HOA, the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment staff quietly disassemble the movie screen and equipment and leave your park looking the same way as when they arrived.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment is not just for neighborhood movie night though. HOA’s find many applications for our movie screens. HOA’s often partner with police departments, fire departments, and hospitals for events like summer safety fairs or National Night Out to reduce crime, to keep properties safe, and to prevent accidents around the home. HOA’s also partner with local businesses to advertise nearby restaurants and retail stores during community-wide garage sales on our large-sized movie screens that serve as giant billboards to project the advertising of multiple businesses all day long. HOA’s fighting for new traffic lights or other necessary infrastructure, play documentary films during outdoor public board meetings and invite public officials and voters to come together on safety issues facing their communities. HOA’s for communities under construction with housing for sale benefit from holding large sales events to attract new homebuyers in a competitive market, and showing a film on a large inflatable screen educating consumers about the community’s history, schools, and parks impresses potential buyers. Films showing the local amenities that exist exclusively for residents and local businesses and major employers stands out from typical home sale marketing campaigns giving your community the opportunity to attract buyers appreciative of the homeowners’ association and what it does for the community.


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