Watching Live TV in Oklahoma City? Make Your Next Outdoor Movie Party Truly Unforgettable With Ultimate Outdoor Movies

Watching Live? Make Your Next Viewing Party Truly Unforgettable With Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

There’s a certain electricity that comes with a live performance, whether it’s a sports game, a concert, or an award show. It’s one of the reasons people come together to watch it because it’s not just a viewing, it’s an experience, one you should share. We make an effort to create a night that’s fitting for such a big event with our giant inflatable movie screens. After all, when it comes to big performances, why not have a big party?

Enhance Game Night Viewings

People get very attached to their favorite sports teams. They watch the games every week, cheer loudly, wear apparel that shows their support, and sometimes even paint their bodies. Seeing how deeply team loyalty truly goes, it’s no surprise that watching sports is one of the most popular and beloved past times. Whether you love baseball, football, racing, or hockey you probably understand that desire to make certain Game Night viewings extra special. If you’re really excited about a specific game, whether it’s the first or last of the season or two rivals are facing off, you should make the viewing one you’ll never forget. Don’t settle for the usual; sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking while you yell at a TV that doesn’t even take up half the wall. No. Certain games deserve more than that. The next time one of these games is on why not invite your friends and family over for a true viewing experience, complete with a massive inflatable movie screen rental from Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment? Take the party outside and fire up the grill. Make specialty drinks, roast hot dogs, cook burgers, and view the game in style. Honor your sports team with a viewing extravaganza that your friends won’t soon forget. You can even pass out apparel to your guests upon arrival, or give gift bags with team merchandise at the end, to make the night even more special.

Experience a Musical Performance as if You Were There

Watching your favorite singer/band perform live in concert while you’re surrounded by people who love their music as much as you do is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, but it’s not always easy to get tickets to a concert. So, the next time your favorite artist is doing a live performance that will be available to watch on TV, make the most of the viewing by creating an experience that’s second only to attending the actual concert. Don’t settle for less. Don’t watch the show on a small screen, alone, while you eat dinner. That’s not memorable. Instead, turn your backyard into a mini concert for you and your friends with an outdoor movie screen rental with Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment. Get dressed up, wear your favorite concert apparel, and get ready to have the night of your life. Add some twinkle lights to the trees or the fence, designate a place to dance and let loose, and mix up some specialty drinks for everyone. Then, gather with your friends and fellow music lovers as you watch the performance unfold on a gigantic screen right in your own backyard.

Award Show Party

Award show parties have become increasingly popular over the years. People place bets on who will win in the variety of categories, decorate their house with movie themed props, and get dressed up as if they were attending the Hollywood party themselves. The next time you host one of these themed parties, make it truly unforgettable by going bigger than ever. Instead of gathering around the living room, all trying to watch a normal sized screen, why not gather outside and party in style with a gigantic inflatable screen? Create a stunning entry by placing red carpet through the house that leads to the backyard. Pay a friend/family member to play bartender for the evening, mixing cocktails for you and your guests. Make sure to hand out goody bags and have a few trophies to give out as prizes for best dressed, most correct award predictions, and entertainer of the evening. You can encourage them to make acceptance speeches during commercials to add to the fun. Set up a photo booth so everyone can take pictures in their stylish Hollywood apparel, and take some candids during the evening to really capture the feel of the evening. Get ready to host again next year because people won’t want to miss out on this much fun.

The next time you and your friends gather together to experience a live performance, regardless of its nature, and you want to make it an evening to remember, think of us at Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Outdoor Movies. We would love to help you create the ultimate viewing party.  Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment also offer large venue projector rentals, audio rentals and screen rentals.

Card board box outdoor movie drive-in

Card board box outdoor movie drive-in

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