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Mobile LED Screen Trailers

Take your event to the next level with the Ultimate Mobile LED Screens.


"Whatever your vision, we will make it a reality."
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Check Out Our Fleet

Mobile Max PRO 23

The Mobile Max PRO 23 has all components completely contained for a sleek look and additional branding opportunities. The 23' x 13' screen lifts 15' higher into the air, to support audience sizes of up to 1.000 viewers or drive-in audiences of up to 150 vehicles.

Mobile Max 15

The Mobile Max 15 offers the most flexible option for fast LED Screen setup and execution. All components are weather-proof, and the slim trailer easily maneuvers into place, offering the clearest picture to your audience. Screen lifts on the hydraulic post up to 10' for maximum viewing capacity.

Expert set-up & operation

A Dedicated and Experienced Audio-Visual Technician will handle everything behind the scenes so you can focus on holding a great event. Each rental includes a dedicated event concierge to help you in planning integrated with your on-site AV expert to help run your show.

Completely turn-key with onboard power & More

All of our Mobile LED Screen Trailers are equipped with quiet on-board power, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. 

Crystal Clear Picture & Daytime Viewing

The sun is no match for our high definition, 4.8mm pixel pitch vivid displays, leaving your audience with the clearest image on screen for every occasion!

Our screens offer the best of everything

Options for All Audiences

Our LED Screen Trailers can service audiences on the ground or be utilized for drive-in viewing. Audience sizes can range up to 1000 viewers or even 150 vehicles!

Multi-Channel Video Input

Our on-site AV Expert will help execute the vision you and the UOM planning team create, with instant, seamless video switching for a flawless viewer experience.

Live-Feed Opportunities

We can support live streams and even live on-site feeds with expert camera operators who will work with our AV technician for the ultimate live shots!

Weatherproof Equipment

From the screen to the video and sound all the way to our technician on site, everything is waterproof so your event can carry on, rain or shine!

Day or Nighttime Viewing

Our crystal clear and high resolution screens can be used during the day or at night, and a 360° screen rotation, and a 140° viewing angle offers the best possible picture.

Best Value

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