8 Fun Event Ideas for Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

Are you planning a company party? Perhaps, you want to have a special Saturday night at home with your family? Have you ever considered renting an outdoor movie screen? Outdoor movie screens are a great way to bring friends, family, and neighbors together for a fun and unique evening.

Some great events that could be spiced up with an outdoor movie screen rental include:

1. Family Reunions: The key to planning a successful family reunion is having activities to keep the youngest and oldest members entertained. Having an outdoor movie screen is a great way to show home movies or create slide shows of family photos. After a long day of socializing and eating, family can gather around to watch a favorite movie and relax. What a special way for the whole family to spend time together!

2. Sporting Events: March Madness is coming up. Why crowd everyone into your basement or a corner booth at the bar? Consider renting an outdoor movie screen to watch every minute of the action. With Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment’ large screens there is plenty of room for everyone to watch the games in your backyard or at a nearby park. Fire up the barbecue and let the madness begin!

3. Company Parties: Rather than forcing your employees to sit inside a restaurant during your next company party, rent an outdoor movie screen instead! While employees mingle and eat, you can play slide shows of funny pictures from work or honor employees who have gone above and beyond in the workplace. When the sun sets, put on a hilarious movie that everyone will love. Everyone will be talking about how much fun they had, long after the party is over!

4. Family Movie Nights: Perhaps you just want to have a special night-in with your kids and spouse. Renting an outdoor movie screen is an affordable option compared to the price of movie tickets and popcorn! Plus, you have the added benefit of a private movie theater right in your own backyard, free from lines and people chattering in the theater.

5. Tenant Appreciation Night: Another great event to use an outdoor movie screen is at a tenant appreciation night. Renters love when landlords or HOAs host events for the whole community. Renting an outdoor movie screen is a great way to make this event a success and show your tenants how much they are truly appreciated.

6. School Fundraisers: Are you the president of the PTA and need an awesome way to raise money for new computers in the library? Great news! Renting an outdoor move screen and hosting a drive-in movie night, is an amazing way to get parents involved in school events and raise lots of money to help fund different school programs.

7. Advertising: If your company is hosting a marketing event with potential customers, consider having the event outside with an outdoor movie screen! No one likes to be stuck inside a hot, cramped conference room. Outdoor movie screens are a great way to showcase new products and services, while your customers enjoy the fresh air!

8. Birthday Parties: Last, but certainly not least, outdoor movie screen rentals are a fantastic solution to birthday party planning blues. Are your kids tired of bowling? Do they no longer get a kick out of clowns? Setting up an outdoor movie screen for a your child’s next birthday party will keep the whole crowd entertained from beginning to end!

Stumped on what to plan for your next event? Consider renting an outdoor movie screen! Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment has many size options to consider including backyard screens and Xtreme+ screens. Your next event is sure to be a success with an outdoor movie screen rental!

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